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Radical change requires an entrepreneurial spirit and creative collaborations. This speaks to the process and products that are informed by a creative design process that is meant to foster more agency to propel more radical change.

Research, practice, and innovation are at the center of the design for new curriculum, courses, protocols, and programs.


Projects & Protocols


A lab to EXpolore & EXperience Hip Hop in Education

Founder & Director of an intergenerational classroom where high school & graduate students explore Hip Hop as a powerful learning lens.

i. am. /døpe/.

dismantling øppression. pushing education.

DØPE is a verb -- it describes active action to upend oppression.  So if the verb fits, wear it! More than merchandise, it's a campaign.


A Framework for Radical Collaboration

Co-created a framework to bring multiple stakeholders into a design process aimed at shifting systems-level challenges.

M.I.C.C. Check

An Assessment Protocol for Inclusive Arts Teaching

Co-developed a protocol to help teaching artists build a more inclusive practice.


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