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A lab to EXpolore & EXperience Hip Hop in Education

An intergenerational lab/classroom to explore Hip Hop as a powerful learning lens through community (and virtual) programming.

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HipHopEX: Projects

Making it Through 2020 with Hip Hop
(We Gon Be Alright)

This 3-day programming looks at how Hip Hop continues its legacy of resistance and resilience in 2020.  Learn how Hip Hop dancers, educators, and administrators have dipped deep in their bag of knowledge and community and remixed the game to declare that “We Gon Be Alright” in this era of virtual everything.

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HipHop in the ClassZoom: Tips from Hip-Hop Educators to Support Your Online Teaching

Tue. Dec. 15 | 7-8:15PM EST

Learn how Hip Hop educators have remixed their curriculum to keep it fresh and relevant in 2020.
Featured presenter: Dr. Ew

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Dance It Out: Mini Classes from Major Movers

Mon. Dec. 14 | 7-8:15PM EST

Lessons from dancers who kept it moving in these virtual streets.

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Words to Get Through & Remixing Full Productions

Wed. Dec. 16 | 7-8:15PM EST

We ask our guests to share Hip Hop lyrics that helped them get through and learn how they remixed full productions to the online space.

HipHopEX: Projects
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